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Fertility Forum: Fertile Heart™ Community Support with Ovum Tools
Supporting each other in deepening our understanding of the Fertile Heart™ Ovum Tools.
3,474 32,419
Fertility Forum: Fertility Foods as a Fertile Heart™ Ovum Tool
How do we use food as an Ovum tool? Sharing experiences, recipes, engaging in dialogue
154 5,164
Fertility Forum: Egg Donation -The Fertile Heart™ Ovum Approach
Is there an ethical and life enhancing manner of using egg donation as an instrument of healing? Engaging in dialogue about the specific challenges of egg donation and how the Ovum tools can help
-288 8
Fertility Forum: Fertile Heart™ Visionary Mamas
Supporting each other through our pregnancy and parenting adventures and sharing how the Fertile Heart Ovum tools continue to be useful in our birthing the Visionary Change Maker Mama
-91 2,549
Fertile Hearts Laughing
Laughter is good medicine. It need not be directly related to fertility. If it made you laugh, share it with us.
-237 9
Fertility/Infertility in the News
Read and share recent news updates and current research
-141 796
Turn It Around Project - Birthing a Child-Friendly Earth
Applying the Fertile Heart™ Ovum practice to ongoing creative endeavors; birthing a fullfilling life and adding to the Power of Good
-246 32
Fertile Heart™ Movie Picks
Sharing titles of movies that inspire and nourish our Holy Human Loaves
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Latest Discussions

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Visionaries North America April 21st, May 5th, May 19
I\'m off to celebrate Passover and be \"liberated from slavery\" once again, but wanted to post this link to the blog I promised to write. It took longer than I expected, so apologies for not keeping my word. Lesson learned on making promises especi
6 Openhearted Apr-24-2014
08:04 PM
Fertile Heart Soaring Seagulls
Welcome to all Soaring Seagulls, you know who you are!
2 dacia.parsons Apr-23-2014
08:04 PM
1 naveen Apr-22-2014
02:04 PM
Europe Visionaries April 21st, May 5th, May 12
And we dance the I.B.O.W. dance more grace-fully each day...
7 Frida Apr-21-2014
09:04 PM
Fertile Heart Europe/GMT Visionaries 3/10,3/24,4/7 - 2
And the Fertile Heart party continues... For our new friends: this is a thread to post a request for something you\'d like to work on. No can but don\'t need to explain what it is, just post a note alerting me that you have a topic you\'d like me to
33 tanjaW Apr-20-2014
08:04 PM
Low amh - miracles do happen
I honestly never imagined I would be one of the lucky ones and yet here I sit cradling my one-week old son. Never in a million years did I imagine my life would turn out the way it has; that I would experience the pain of infertility and the joy of
7 Pauline1977 Apr-17-2014
06:04 PM
Fertile Heart Melifluous Maples
This thread is only for the Mellifluous Maples! You know who you are. Enjoy!
3 RachelSF Apr-11-2014
07:04 PM
Fertile Heart Visionaries EST Zone 3/3,3/17,3/31 - 23
And we keep growing more and more fertile, every minute of every day...
63 Robin Apr-10-2014
06:04 PM
The Law of Attraction - Simply re-emphasizing imagery/visualization work !!
My Dearest Fertile Friends I came across an article and was overwhelmed after reading it. The first thought after completing the article was to post it in the forums for all of you to read it.It really hit me in various ways and gave me answers to m
9 miraclehope Apr-09-2014
11:04 AM
Question on 3 Session Introduction to the Fertile Heart Ovum Practice
Hi, I am new to the Fertile Heart community. I am thinking of attending the 3 Session Introduction to the Fertile Heart Ovum Practice. Are we required to go through the books and CDs before the session begins? Would it be helpful to read book/l
15 tanjaW Apr-07-2014
03:04 PM
Someone sent this to me this morning and I have been Lol'ing ever since
I tend to have a lot of teleconferences with my job and this is spot on. Even if you dont this is hilarious! Enjoy Katy http://twentytwowords.com/what-if-the-annoyances-of-conference-calls-happened-in-real-life-meetings-painfully-accurateand-
2 AshleySue Apr-02-2014
03:04 AM
Fertile Heart Visionaries North America April 21st, May 5, May 19
Such a beautiful circle of Visionary Moms we\'ve been co-creating. It gives hope. I intend to honor my commitment to write a blog for our \"Cool It\" Challenge. So please look for it and let\'s engage as many moms in this as we can. Yes, to walking
1 Julia Indichova Apr-01-2014
02:04 AM
Fertile Heart Luminous Lilacs
This thread is only for the Luminous Lilacs, you know who you are!
2 AshleySue Mar-25-2014
06:03 PM
European Visionaries 1/27 - 2
Here\'s to a brand new year of adventures. Sometimes it\'s blues, sometimes a waltz but we keep dancing!
35 RachelSF Mar-24-2014
04:03 PM
Ivf meds didn't work
Hi I\'m a 38 yr old who started my first cycle of IVF with bravell and menopur. After 8 days with meds my IVF was cancelled because my follicle were very small. Doctors stated that I can do another cycle of IVF but might not work because my reserves
2 Ktinnc Mar-19-2014
04:03 PM
Can these tools help with strange periods?
Hi All: I am quite the mess. I had an unsuccessful IUI at the end of Nov/beginning of Dec. I used 100mg Clomid plus the HCG shot. I made five big eggs, but none wanted to be a baby. So then my late Dec. period was late, and when it arrived in early J
4 Ktinnc Mar-19-2014
04:03 PM
Reproductive Immunology Experience?
Hi everyone, I am new to the forums and have just started imagery after reading The Fertile Female. It is rewarding but definitely one of the hardest things I\'ve done. I have unexplained infertility and have failed one fresh and two frozen cycl
3 panplinas Mar-18-2014
12:03 PM
How do you register?
Hi! Does anyone know how to register for the teleconference for March 19th. I don\'t see anything to click on. Thanks!
1 MMiz Mar-14-2014
11:03 PM
Teapills to Reduce FSH
Hi everyone, In The Infertility Cure, Randine Lewis lists a few TCM formula teapills that help reduce FSH. Just curious: what are you taking?
1 amyinhawaii Mar-08-2014
04:03 PM
North America Visionaries 1/20, 2/3, 2/17 - 23
And the adventure continues. Here\'s to a great year!
81 Openhearted Mar-04-2014
01:03 AM
One Chance
I loved this film. It had so much hope. It\'s about Paul Potts, an opera singer. When you think he\'s out of the game he comes right back in again. Made me feel happy for weeks.
1 Francoise Feb-21-2014
07:02 AM
AMH of 0.16
I am 39 years old and I just found out I have an AMH level of 0.16 and my progesterone was a 4. I have had one miscarriage but want to get pregnant naturally. I was told my only chance was to do IVF with a donor egg which we don\'t want to do. Has
4 Staciarn01 Feb-10-2014
12:02 AM
Looking for Support and Encouragement
I just finished reading Inconceivable and have ordered the visionary CDs and The Fertile Female. I am 41 years old with no children YET and have a high FSH (21.4) and low AMH (<.3). My Vitamin D was low so I ordered a supplement since we are in Ohio
4 peanutgirl Feb-05-2014
12:02 AM
New here and needing some advice
Hi all, I have been struggling with infertility for many years and have now gotten to the point where the doctors are telling me that donor egg is my only option. Which we absolutely cannot afford. I am still hopeful that it is not. My FSH is stil
4 peanutgirl Feb-05-2014
12:02 AM
Thanks for all this work!
Hi Julia , I am from India and have just come out of the most horrible experience of my life: IVF. After trying and failing to concieve for 3yrs, we were Diagnosed as Unexplained infertility/ ? Poor egg quality due to age? I am 36, husband too same
4 Robin Feb-01-2014
04:02 PM
Are there any fertile heart groups that meet in person in the Bay Area?
Hello Fertile Heart Community, I\'m wondering if there are any fertile heart member led groups that meet in person to continue Julia\'s wonderful work and build a local community. I would be really great to be able to meet in person on a regular
8 NikitaSF Feb-01-2014
12:02 AM
Fertile Heart Sublime Oleanders
This thread is only for the Sublime Oleanders, you know who you are. Welcome to the sublime Fertile Heart community!
1 Julia Indichova Jan-29-2014
07:01 PM
December 16 Europe's Visionaries - 2
Just to be sure you know we\'re on... Julia
32 tricheco Jan-26-2014
08:01 PM
Dec 16 Fertile Heart Visionaries North America - 2
Beautiful circle last night, felt as though we could\'ve gone on for another couple of hours.
59 MissCal Jan-23-2014
04:01 PM
Fertile Heart Luscious Lavender Circle
This is only for our lovely lavender Moms! You know who you are!
5 Smsotiros Jan-14-2014
10:01 PM

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